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Trauma Academy is now World Surgery Tour Hands-On, in order to enhance surgical education

Rimasys Group's education brand Trauma Academy is now part of the World Surgery Tour family. Now it will be called World Surgery Tour Hands-On.

In addition to WST Live and WST TV, WST Hands-On is here to bring surgical education to the next level! Now it will be possible to create a unique education path between various WST options that fits the different needs of the surgeons.

For example: If you are a Knee Surgeon, you can watch all the knee SURGERY VIDEOS in preparation for joining a Tibial Plateau Fracture HANDS-ON course. After that, you can learn tips & tricks from knee experts during the LIVE SURGERY EVENTS.

But no matter your specialty, we have something for you in our portfolio, from spine and trauma to recon and sports.

Our core mission remains the same. We will continue to offer you the most advanced hands-on courses on the market, the best possible way to improve your surgical skills. We still follow the "OK, DOC!" principles showing the step-by-step process to plan the surgery, pick the right implant, and then perform the procedure the best way.

The only change is an even better educational experience and more satisfaction.

We look forward to accompanying surgeons on this innovative educational journey with us, providing them with all the resources to boost their careers and optimize patient outcomes.

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