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We make it our responsibility to drive a revolution in the field of orthopedic surgery.  Through innovation, we offer surgeons the best possible training to make them the best capable surgeons they can be. Our goal is to eliminate on-patient training, improve patient outcomes, and bring MedTech innovations faster and safer to the patients.​


Our mission to reinvent surgical education to achieve better patient outcomes is the ultimate statement of our corporate responsibility. The contribution of our products, services, and projects will always be appraised through this perspective, as we touch the lives of patients and the careers, and skills of surgeons worldwide. We are an independent organization, and all our activities are open to collaborate with every MedTech organization or medical society, thus we lead the highest standard of compliance-conformity​

Rimasys Group continues to make a meaningful impact on surgeons’ careers and skills. This directly affects patients’ health and creates lasting medical, educational, and economic value in the medical sector. We are passionate about our mission and responsibility which allows us to positively influence more patients' lives worldwide.

About us
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Our philosophy and self-conception to challenge the status quo


dare to challenge the status quo and rethink without limitations.

listen to all stakeholders alike and believe in the power of inclusion.

take bold decisions, quickly try out, and constantly improve.


leverage modern technologies and unconventional didactics, to ultimately change the way surgeons learn and train

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