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Rimasys Group appoints Miriam Stadthalter as new CEO

Cologne, 02.01.2024;

The Rimasys Group has appointed Miriam Stadthalter as its new Chief Executive Officer. On January 1, 2024, co-founder and previous CEO Marc Ebinger handed over the baton to Miriam Stadthalter. “We are delighted to have found in Miriam not only someone with a wealth of experience in the field of medical technology, but also someone who has been with Rimasys for many years,” comments former CEO Marc Ebinger. The 34-year-old engineer gained experience at Siemens Healthineers and Brainlab before joining the Cologne-based Rimasys Group as Chief of Staff in 2021. Co-Founder and former CTO Robert Holz underlines the long-standing relationship between Miriam Stadthalter and Rimasys: “Miriam shared our vision of revolutionizing surgical education from the moment we met - we as a young start-up and she still at Siemens at the time.”

Reinvent Surgical Education - Rimasys is a MedTech start-up founded in 2016 and develops practical and digital education and training opportunities for surgeons. The core products are lifelike anatomical fractures with closed soft tissue mantle as well as digital and practical education and training formats for surgeons. 

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