Lifelike fractured anatomic specimen generated through our biomechanical algorithm - the next level in high-fidelity surgical education and medical device development to enhance patient outcomes


Lifelike fractures

As close as you can get to the operating room

Our lifelike fractures are generated in fresh-frozen anatomic specimen based on our biomechanical model and custom made robots/machinery. All fractures are evaluated by medical experts using X-ray and CT scans. Unique features of our lifelike fractures are:

  • fracture pattern according to classifications (e.g., AO, Schatzker)

  • intact soft tissue mantle and accompanying ligament lesions

  • highly reproducible, reflecting real-world variability

Our fracture portfolio and complexity

Our lifelike fractures can be ordered along the logic of joint, bone and fracture complexity/classification. For simplification we offer the fractures according to three levels of complexity as shown in the knee example below for most common types. Fracture specialties e.g., Essex-Lopresti lesion, Moore II, are generated on request. You can download our fracture catalogs for trauma and CMF at the bottom of this page.


prox_tibia_moderate (2).jpg

Similar to AO 41-A3/B1, Schatzker I


prox_tibia_advanced (5).jpg

Similar to AO 41-B2/C1, Schatzker II-III


prox_tibia_master (1).jpg

Similar to AO 41-C2/3, Schatzker IV-VI

Quality and transparency

All our fractured specimens will include the donor report, serology test and extensive imaging documentation such as X-ray & CT-scans. We also offer optional 3D segmentation and 3D prints to best fit to your needs.

This will ensure your product team, faculty and participants can evaluate the suitability of the fractures beforehand and being perfectly prepared for the event.

General Trauma portfolio

Hand/wrist, elbow, shoulder, ankle/foot, knee, hip/pelvis

CMF portfolio

Cranial vault, sinus, orbit, mid-face/LeFort, mandible

Fracture portfolio download

Feel free to download our detailed fracture portfolios including availability and complexity