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RIMASYS GROUP I Our company and founders

Rimasys Group sets new standards in surgical education and the MedTech industry through realistic high-fidelity training and interaction solutions. Partnerships with hospital chains, global organizations and medical societies will drive the adoption and advancement in the next generation's surgical community.

The constant advancement of our innovations offer new possibilities in surgical simulation and digital health. We aim to support surgeons not only during training but also in preparing for the operating room to create a thriving eco-system for health care professionals.

We'll continue to challenge the status-quo to ultimately improve quality of care and patient outcomes.

About us
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Miriam Stadthalter

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Henning Roet de Rouet

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

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Jan Jennes

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Leadership Team

What we do

The Rimasys Group is a technology-driven health-tech company, based in Cologne, Germany, and channels its activities through three brands, online and offline products, services, events, platforms and reaches medical communities all over the world. Our core products are lifelike fractured anatomical specimens with closed soft tissue mantle, generated using proprietary biomechanical algorithms that describe injury mechanisms. We are focusing on enhancing surgical education and improving patient outcomes by advancing practical skill training and medical device development. Our family of brands is creating innovation focused on digital health and education.

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