RIMASYS GROUP sets new standards in surgical education and the MedTech industry through realistic high-fidelity training and interaction solutions. Partnerships with hospital chains, global organizations and medical societies will drive the adoption and advancement in the next generation's surgical community.

The constant advancement of our innovations offer new possibilities in surgical simulation, digital health and AI product development. We aim to support surgeons not only during training but also in preparing for the operating room to create a thriving eco-system for health care professionals.

We'll continue to challenge the status-quo to ultimately improve quality of care and patient outcomes.



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“With brilliant people and smart ideas, we build

the future of surgical education ”

André Passon
Strategy & Business Development

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"New technologies will change the way surgeons train - and we'll be part of that change"

Robert Holz
Technology & Production


“We believe in the power of inclusion and invite all organizations and health care professionals to join

our journey”

Marc Ebinger


The RIMASYS GROUP is a technology-driven health-tech start-up, founded as a university spin-off in 2016. Our core products are proprietary biomechanical algorithms describing injury mechanisms, utilized to generate lifelike fractured anatomical specimen with closed soft tissue mantle. We are focusing on enhancing surgical education and improving patient outcomes by advancing practical skill training and medical device development. Our family of brands is creating innovation focused on digital health, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. Our team of more than 40 young and ambitious professionals is aiming to build a disruptive eco-system of solutions at high pace, enhancing surgeon education and interaction.

Since 2016 the RIMASYS GROUP is based in Cologne, Germany, and channels its activities through five brands, online and offline products, services, events, platforms and reaches medical communities all over the world.

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