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We are improving patient outcomes and revolutionizing surgical education. We utilize biomechanical models and generation of lifelike fractured anatomical specimen for hands-on skill training and product development

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We are the novel approach to surgical education and MedTech R&D

We enable medical science, academia, and the industry to develop better implants, and perform more advanced therapies, operations - with the aim to increase the quality of life for patients.

RIMASYS is focusing on enhancing surgical education and improving patient outcomes by deploying realistic fractures for practical skill training and medical device development.

We're expanding our scope into areas of digital health, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing to design innovative educational concepts for surgeons.

About us

Lifelike Fracture Generation


Generation of lifelike fractures in anatomic specimen with closed soft tissue for practical skill training & R&D

Learn more about our fracture generation services & portfolio ...

Educational Course Brand


Running novel educational formats and pathways to provide the most advanced hands-on training worldwide

Learn more about our education brand TRAUMA ACADEMY ...

Surgical Training Center


Managing Europe's most advanced surgical training center in the heart of Germany - city of Cologne

Learn more about our training center CADLAB COLOGNE ...

What we do

Three business areas of RIMASYS that will reinvent surgical education

Core of RIMASYS is our biomechanical model describing injury mechanisms. Three fields of application are enabled by this model:

What we do


Trusted partner by globally renowned organizations and experts


Past: from academic research to innovative start-up

Foundation of RIMASYS was laid in 2011 as part of a research project between two universities in Cologne to biomechanically analyze a high-speed trauma with micromotion studies and dynamometric science. From a theoretical research and modeling approach, a software-controlled method has been developed as basis for today's biomechanic algorithm.

In the course of the successful expansion into additional anatomic regions and the patent application, RIMASYS GmbH was founded as an independent university spin-off to better serve customers needs and professionalize its activities. Since 2016 the RIMASYS facilities are located on the BioCampus Cologne and lifelike fractures have been supplied within and outside Europe to the US and Australia.


Present: fracture portfolio expansion | beginning of own training brand/lab

RIMASYS has been awarded as one of "Europe’s Top 40 Digital Health & MedTech Companies" at the Tech Tour 2017 "Healthtech Summit", Lausanne.

Fracture portfolio expanded into all relevant anatomic regions (upper/lower extremity, CMF, hip).

In 2018 the high-class training facility CADLAB COLOGNE was inaugurated as surgical innovation and training center. In the same year own educational concepts were launched under the brand of TRAUMA ACADEMY as novel approach to practical skill training providing highest possible quality and innovation.


Future: internationalization and development of artificial intelligence

RIMASYS sets new standards in surgical education and the MedTech industry through the realistic training with fractured specimen and aims to establish this new philosophy throughout the globe. New partnerships with hospital chains, global enterprises and national medical societies will drive the adoption and advancement in the next generation's surgical community.
The constant advancement of our biomechanical model offers new possibilities in digital health and AI product development. We aim to support surgeons not only during training but also in the operating room with our artificial intelligence solutions.
We'll continue to challenge the status-quo to ultimately improve quality of care and patient outcomes.

Our story

RIMASYS in the past, present and future

We constantly challenge the status-quo to improve patient outcomes through innovative education and digital health

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