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Step-by-step fracture treatment and surgical approach videos


OUR VISION is to become the lifelong go-to-platform supporting a surgeon’s career and to establish off-patient-training as the gold standard in surgical education and innovation

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What we do

Lifelike Fractures &

Anatomical Solutions

Lifelike fractured and injured anatomical specimens with undamaged soft tissue mantle

Intact soft tissue facilitates doctors’ ability to navigate through various anatomical structures

3D printed bones to transform surgical planning and enhance

hands-on medical training


Surgical Training Center & Film Studio


140 m2 high-class training facility for up to ten working stations and 60 participants or small mini-labs. With hospitality and meeting services.

Film Studio

Purpose designed surgical film studio for live-operations and product videos on up to three stages. Equipped with latest TV production technology.


Supporting remote educational labs with professional staff and award-winning mobile lab The Shard. For congresses, hospitals, product launches.


Surgical Events

Surgical Videos

Hands-On Courses

This annual event is an excellent opportunity for surgeons to come together and share their knowledge and experiences. Surgeons will have the chance to learn from one another, network with peers and colleagues, and gain insights into the latest advancements in surgical education.

Watch the educational videos as often as you need, whenever you want, and from any location. They are all at your fingertips! You will find high-quality content, world-leading surgeons, step-by-step surgery methods, different educational formats, inspirational videos, and much more on this platform! And the best part: it's free!

Each course follows our "OK,DOC!" principles which will show you step by step how to plan your surgery, pick the right implant and then perform the procedure in the best way. Leading surgeons will assist you in every step. We work with high-end facilities and provide you with the most advanced equipment.

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RIMASYS GROUP I Reinvent surgical education with medical technology 


OUR MISSION is to reinvent surgical education by utilising technological and didactic innovations providing the most realistic training simulations. We are building an eco-system for the surgical community in line with highest compliance conformity and addressing the needs & values of the new generation of surgeons.

About us


Rimasys Group is pioneering

the future of surgical education

So can you! 

We are a big family with all our companies, brands and teams.

Our people are our greatest assets! That’s why we invest in people and support at all stages of their careers. With continuous improvement in brands, customers and technology, we focus on giving talent the tools to grow and evolve their skills beyond their immediate job functions. From product developer or brand manager, to lab technician we encourage our team to think creatively, to try fearlessly and to make bold changes in our business.

To be real pioneers in surgical education.


Fun facts about us

- We employ around a dozen surfers
- We always find a reason to celebrate
- We are multicultural, comprising 8 different countries!
- The average age in Rimasys Group is 32
- It is ironic but we love to drink and eat a lot but at the same time we are quite sporty :)


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